Schaffer Manufacturing




Digital Sales Brochure, High-Level PowerPoint Presentation


Schaffer Manufacturing hired us to concept and define market position via an online product sales sheet for a specific Schaffer Manufacturing product services end users in the mining and quarry business. The deliverable marketing material piece also needed to be easy to implement via the network of new and existing distributors. We designed an eye catching, online brochure, that rolled out like a story to quickly snag the attention of potential clients and funnel them toward a call to action.

A year later, we also helped them develop a high-level PowerPoint presentation with the purpose telling the story of why Schaffer Manufacturing would be the best choice when selecting a partner in the metal manufacturing business. Within hours of putting this piece in the hands of his sales force, owner Steve Schaffer had this to say: "Our small business has traditionally relied on word of mouth to grow sales. Initially hesitant, I invested in a marketing project with Linda. I was beyond excited when our new electronic marketing materials generated significant interest from multiple customer prospects within HOURS! At this rate, I'll be measuring my ROI in days, not months!o